MeieaS charm glory V9 tempered film glory V9 full screen covered tempered glass film hardness 9H explosion-proof 0.26mm thin mobile phone film (HD-black)


1, 9H super hardness, strong scratch resistance, long use time; good adsorption, good foaming.
2, water resistant to oil, oleophobic water. Anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, soft edge explosion-proof side.
3, the touch is super smooth: high-density glass surface, the resistance is smaller, eliminating the ordinary film touch sensation, the hand feels smoother!
4, high light transmittance, clear picture, highlighting the three-dimensional sense, improve visual effects, long-term use of the eyes is not easy to fatigue, better protection of vision. Does not affect the use of other mobile phone accessories.
5, responsive: more excellent physical properties than ordinary PET, the touch response speed is even better when used!

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